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Course Outline: Order Creation & Management - Dental Manager You will learn how the Dental Manager functions and how it drives you through the workflow process from initial order creation, to scanning and modelling, and outputting to manufacturing process including the following topics: • Understanding Dental Manager and the process workflow • How to create and order • How to close an order • How to search for a previous order • Understanding the preview section • How to modify the order status • How to check out and import orders Scanning Models - ScanIt Restoration You will learn the function and workflow of ScanIt Restoration including scanning of: • Single die • Die and neighbourhood scan • Bridge scan • Antagonist scan - bite • Antagonist scan – model Modelling - Dental Designer You will learn the proper function and work flow of the Dental Designer, the layout of all toolbars, and the terminology for Dental Designer. Also covered are: • How to create the perfect fit • How to use the Sculpt-Toolbar • How to properly go through the Modelling Process Following the general introduction, you will learn to design: • Single copings • Full anatomy • Anatomical framework / multi layer • Inlay & onlay • Wax-up Scanning Impressions - ScanIt Impression You will learn how to scan an impression including the proper function and work flow of ScanIt Impression covering: • Mounting instructions • Alignment process • Virtual trimming tools System configuration - Dental System Control Panel You will learn how to configure the Dental System in the Dental System Control Panel and: • How to add an operator • How to add customers • How to import & export new materials • How to add a new material • How to set up frame elements in material settings

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3Shape Dental System Level 1 Training Program

City: Sydney

Date: 30/08/2017

Venue: Dental Axess Head Office North Ryde
Timings: 9:00am to 5:00pm
8 CPD Hours

Cost: $395 per day

Course Objective:
Provide the attendees with the ability to successfully and efficiently operate the 3Shape Dental Scanner and Dental Designer Software at an introductory level.

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Venue address

Dental Axess Head office North Ryde Unit 3.6, 56 Delhi Road, North Ryde, NSW 2113